The Sportsman,The Roadster and Stress Relief.


Accessorized 2018 Silverado Z71

We recently participated in two iconic events–the annual Sportsman Show and Firebird Raceway’s Roadster show.  They took place on back-to-back weekends in March and it was fun (in both cases) to see thousands of enthusiasts aligning with their interests. It reminded us, we all need a hobby! They provide stress relief and enrich our lives outside of the day-to-day grind.  According to a recent article on hobbies can be a vital source of much needed relaxation. Conversely, those that aren’t overly stressed hobbies can provide an answer.  “For those who aren’t overly stressed, and may actually be under-stimulated, hobbies provide a nice source of eustress, the healthy kind of stress that we all need to remain feeling excited about life. If the rest of your life is somewhat dull or uninspiring, hobbies can provide meaning and fun, and can break up a boring schedule, without feeling like work.”

So, if you’re stressed or under stressed find a hobby. Whether it’s working on a classic car, playing in the outdoors, walking with friends or joining a reading club, a hobby will help fend off burnout, lower your blood pressure and help with depression. That’s a good place to be.

If you didn’t make either show, don’t worry, here are some photos to show you what some of these “hobbyists” have been up to.


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