Power & Grace.

The folks at Grace Assisted Living in Meridian have more stories than most. Stories that include a rich historical tapestry of everything from the beaches of Okinawa to Carnegie Hall and everything in between.  Despite their diverse history, origins and experiences–they have one commonality–their love for cars.  And since they just can’t get around like they used to, we recently took some classic American muscle to them as part of a “Big Boy Toys”  event that brings “Toys” to the people. We had a blast hearing about their connections to the Chevrolet brand–one spending many years as a GM Master Mechanic in Oregon.

Christian Anderson, Community Outreach Coordinator for Auburn Crest who organizes the event, loves the smiles it generates. Gotta say ours were ear-to-ear too.

We received a card in the mail a few days later thanking Peterson Chevrolet for bringing the cars over. “You really made their day!” was written in the top left corner.

They really made ours.

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