Peterson Chevrolet Teams Up With Callaway Automobiles

Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac in Boise Idaho Becomes 1 Of  An Elite Group Of Callaway Dealers in America.


If you’re passionate about performance and want more from your investment than a collecion of atermarket parts, then you want Callaway. These worldclass, limited producion cars and trucks showcase Callaway’s technological sophisicaion, aristry in design and unsurpassed cratsmanship. Callaway Corvetes, Camaros and SportTrucks are demonstrated, sold and serviced only by Callaway Authorized Chevrolet Dealers, and we are proud to be one of them.
Founded in 1976, Callaway Cars Incorporated is recognized worldwide for its innovative automotive design, its winning race cars and its highly desirable, limited production sports cars. Peterson Chevrolet is proud to be a member of Callaway’s network of specially selected Chevrolet dealerships, exclusively selling and servicing Callaway cars and trucks.
Knowledgable, Professional Staff
As a Callaway Authorized Dealer, our sales and service staff is fully trained to provide you with a purchase and ownership experience that is consistent with Callaway’s upscale product quality. Our Callaway Sales Specialist, Mike Domer, can explain all technical details of Callaway cars and trucks, and will “spec-out” the Chevrolet and Callaway equipment just to your liking. Our Service Department is fully equipped to perform all maintenance and warranty repair on all Callaway cars and trucks. If necessary, our direct line to Callaway Engineering can provide immediate response to unexpected service questions, should they arise.

2012 Callaway Cars and Trucks

The Callaway C16

The Callaway C16 is Callaway’s 16th major automotive project. It represents everything Callaway knows about how to make a great road car.Callaway C16 is a limited production, bespoke automobile, built to order, by what the Press has called “the best specialist engineers in the business”. These cars are seriously fast, stunningly beautiful, and very exclusive.

Callaway Corvette

The 2012 model year marks the 25th anniversary of the first Callaway Corvette. The 1987-91 Twin Turbo Corvette, constructed by Callaway for GM, remains the only model produced by an aftermarket company given its own RPO designation (RPO B2K). Today’s Callaway Corvettes preserve the legacy of providing breathtaking performance while displaying perfect road manners.

Callaway Camaro

Called the “Quintessential muscle car for the 21st century” by the Press, the Callaway Camaro is the closest thing to a four-seater Corvette that you can get. Available in coupe or convertible.

Callaway SportTrucks

Available in Avalanche, Silverado 1500 and 2500HD, Suburban and Tahoe models, in two wheel drive and four wheel drive, in all Chevrolet trim levels (WT, LS, LT and LTZ) and in all Silverado cab style/bed length combinations. All Callaway SportTrucks are supercharged for impressive power and torque while retaining excellent fuel mileage.

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