Chevy Bolt Wins.

The Chevy Bolt has had some impressive “firsts” in its short life. It’s GM’s first mass-market electric car and it raked in its first three prestigious awards. Motor Trend’s “2017 Car of the Year,” “Car of the Year” at the recent Detroit Auto Show and “Green Car of the Year” via the Los Angeles Auto […]

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New Lego Batmobile, is a Chevy.

It’s possible you’ve seen the movie trailers for the newest Lego movie. The second animated installment will focus on the miniature crime fighting Caped Crusader as he takes on the criminals of Gotham City while trying to raise an adopted son. It also features the block built Batmobile–a Chevy–and at the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet […]

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2016…What a Year.

Most years are defined by key moments–moments that reshape our future, redefine our past or provide a pivot point that becomes a unforgettable mark in time. 2016 was no different and in fact seemed to be a year rich with change. From “5 crazy-cool space discoveries,”  to the election, to great sports moments, USA Today provides […]

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Our Pink Silverado.

It’s become a symbol. Our pink Duramax Diesel represents what we’re doing in the month of October to raise money and awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’re donating $100 for every new vehicle sold during the month of October to help women receive cancer screenings who may not otherwise. For every 1,000 women tested there will […]

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Truck Month!

You’ve waited this long–which seems like an eternity–for that new truck. You’ve searched far and wide and now your patience has turned opportunistic. Your timing couldn’t be better. You see, it’s that time of year when several things collide to form some of the best deals on Chevy trucks you’ll see all year. So much […]

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