Meet Chris.

We’re excited to announce the addition of Chris Poluhoff–General Sales Manager– to the Peterson team. Over the last 12 years Chris has lead sales teams, internet teams as well as new and used car departments at two different stores.  He brings a breadth of experience and energy to Peterson.

Chris will tell you he loves putting customer’s not only first, but in a vehicle of their dreams. “This is typically the second largest purchase folks will make in their life so we take it seriously and like to have fun along the way” says Chris.

As a father of two kids, Chris understands work-life balance. “One thing that sets the Peterson Group apart from many others, is their commitment to family. We work a lot of hours in this industry, and at many dealerships, this causes us to miss important milestones and events in our family’s lives. This organization knows how important family is, and from day one, has stressed to me that it’s family first. Having a family myself, especially with my youngest being 3 months old, and working somewhere that is an advocate to a positive home life” according to Chris.

Join us in welcoming Chris, we’re excited to have him.

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