Accessorize to Maximize.

Often a need drives the modification of your car, truck or SUV. From adding horsepower, to modifying the look of your auto “Baby” there are so many things you can do to improve the look, feel, performance and functionality. With summer around the corner it’s time to head for Idaho’s great outdoors. For many that means packing up the tent and finding a spot in one of Idaho’s many campgrounds. A Kickstarter campaign a few years back launched the ingenious iKamper. According to them “Skycamp is the most successful tent project in Kickstarter history, bursting into the travel scene by raising $2.3 million.” You can set it up in one minute, sleeps four, and it gives you some peace of mind by getting you off the ground and closer to the stars while allowing you to haul the camp gear in the back of your truck.

There’s also the Napier Sportz Truck Tent. Forget trying to search for a level camp spot, just pop it up in the back of your truck and voila. Both options keep you off the cold wet ground while offering some additional protection naturally supplied by your truck. Call our Accessory department to learn more at (208) 323-5050  or stop by and see the examples in our showroom! Here’s to “summering” the right way!

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