2014 Silverado High Country


Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac now carries the luxurious High Country model of the 2014 Silverado. To schedule a test drive or more information, please callĀ 888-472-1862.

Autoblog says, “Chevy has definitely been studying the playbook of its sister brand GMC when it comes to the exterior styling of a top-trim truck. Any passerby even remotely interested in pickup spotting will easily pick out the gigantic High Country badging on the truck’s front doors, and the chromed-out front grille will be equally hard to miss. The truck rides on a set of 20-inch chrome alloys, and both the side-mirror caps and the door handles have been dipped in the shiny stuff as well. There aren’t many automotive canvasses these days that can handle this much swag, but we’ll come right out and say that the Silverado looks proper in its high-zoot duds.

Inside, the High Country comes standard with a trim-specific saddle brown leather outfit on the seats and instrument panel, some rather subtle (as far as trucks go) wood trim, heated and cooled front seats, an eight-inch touch screen with Chevy’s MyLink entertainment system and Bose audio.

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Though the leather trimming the Ford’s seats was a touch softer than that found in the Silverado, it is clear that the box-fresh Chevy had it all over the aging Ford in terms of interior styling, quality, comfort and feature set. The Tonka-inspired Ford interior is less charming now than it was when brand new, and even the leathery King Ranch trim couldn’t change that fact.

Once underway, the Silverado was in a class by itself in terms of ride quality and (especially) in-cabin quiet. Under full-throttle acceleration the Chevy’s V8 engine would make itself known, but when cruising at 70 miles per hour or so it was downright tranquil. The Ram had a much louder exhaust note when floored (which some might feel is a positive trait), but it and the F-150 were not even in the same league as the Chevy in terms of road and wind noise at speed.

This was our very first opportunity to drive a 2014 Silverado with the company’s new 6.2-liter V8 engine. Dubbed EcoTec3, the beefy powerplant has been made to produce 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, while offering great fuel economy thanks to a combination of cylinder deactivation, direct injection and continuously variable valve timing. The EPA ratings for the 6.2-liter-equipped Silverado haven’t been finalized yet, but GM engineers on hand assured us that internal numbers were “impressive” and hit all of the targets. We will say that, on our 200-mile cruse from Austin to Dallas, in a 4X4 Silverado averaging about 70 mph, we returned just under 20 miles per gallon. That would seem to compare favorably with the numbers for the Silverado powered by the less-powerful 5.3-liter V8, which the EPA estimates at 23 mpg highway and 16 city.

The 6.2L engine lines up as the strongest gasoline mill in this class right now, and there’s no question that one can feel that power when boot and throttle meet in anger. We found that the High Country performed a lot like an XL muscle car, especially when the engine got spinning past the 3,000 rpm mark.

The High Country trim line starts at $45,100 (including a $995 destination charge) with the 5.3-liter V8 serving as its basic engine. That price is in lock step with competitors like F-150 King Ranch, Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn and Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition, which is unsurprising considering the tooth-and-nail competition here. For all those customers willing to spend over forty large on a new pickup, optioning up a High Country with this new 6.2-liter V8 (upping the base price to $47,680 before destination) makes a lot of sense on the road.”

Source: Autoblog.com

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